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0:13a health entrepreneur it started when
0:15you have an idea get out of your head
0:17and into the market start asking
0:19questions are not only your product
0:21because if you can’t sell your product
0:23then nothing’s going to happen a lot of
0:25times what I found even with myself when
0:27I was working on other business ideas I
0:29would spend time planning them out on a
0:31spreadsheet I never actually just go to
0:33who my customer would be it they would
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1:24Eric started his first company when he
1:27was just 11 years old today he’s the
1:29co-founder and CEO of Java Zen okay I’m
1:33really glad that you are joining us
1:35today on the listen up show startup
1:38entrepreneur podcast how’s it going so
1:40how do you actually go from an X
1:42record-setting power lifter to a
1:45caffeine guru great question
1:47so my journey started in hell when I was
1:51about actually I was exactly 13 years
1:53old it was the day after my bar mitzvah
1:57I brought my older brothers on the
1:59youngest of three they grabbed on okay
2:01all right yeah thank you
2:03okay all right yura you’re a man now and
2:07you’re going to get in the gym I was
2:09always overweight as a kid never really
2:12Dave I played some sports but just
2:14always struggles keeping my health in
2:17good shape so I got the gym that next
2:20day’s Monday right after and there I am
2:23I get to the bench press and I’m trying
2:27to win the bar it’s 45 pounds and I
2:31couldn’t even do it once
2:32so my ah right Here I am can’t even do
2:35the bare minimum weight on this machine
2:36but I saw on the wall next to me there
2:39was a record board and that’s where
2:43there was this test for you 295 pounds
2:46as many times as you can on benchpress
2:48and that was for freshman football and
2:50the record last the last year before me
2:52was 38 and I worked at it and said I’m
2:55gonna do 39 so that was my goal and
2:58meanwhile still couldn’t do the bar but
3:00I went to the gym every single day
3:02Monday through Friday didn’t miss a
3:04single day and right before my freshman
3:08year of high school I was trying out for
3:10football I went on the bench and didn’t
3:14even count as good as many as I could I
3:16heard everyone shouting he did 39 he’s
3:20at 39 growth the record and from there I
3:23just throw into powerlifting became a
3:27competitive power lifter broke several
3:28records in the state in the region bench
3:31squat and deadlift and I was kind of my
3:32first time really diving into what it
3:35meant to be healthy and fit here’s my
3:36back I heard he in his six dish that
3:39lower back wasn’t able to play football
3:41my senior year of high school there was
3:42week of class that wasn’t able to sit
3:44and that’s when I realized that health
3:47meant a lot more than just going to the
3:49gym and eating a lot of protein that was
3:51my version of health before this
3:53happened and it really got me into the
3:54sense of understanding the body more
3:57holistically and thinking about
3:58everything I’m putting in my body how
4:00I’m treating my body and that’s when I
4:02went to college right after that and
4:03started to really think about myself how
4:06am I going to be the healthiest version
4:08of myself and because of college I had
4:10two majors studying environmental
4:12science and economics with a minor and
4:15technology entrepreneurship so I was
4:17always either studying or working and
4:19that got me into coffee so here I am
4:22starting to live a healthy lifestyle in
4:25and drinking a few cups of coffee a day
4:27so everything that I was doing I was
4:30doing yoga eating a vegetarian
4:32plant-based diet and adding different
4:35herbs and superfoods and my smoothies in
4:37the morning coffee just felt out of
4:39place and I would drink it it would get
4:41me way up and then I would crash and I
4:44knew there had to be a better way and I
4:46started drinking more tea so I want the
4:49green tea I liked it because of the
4:51super high and the oxygen content but
4:53also when you drink a lot of green tea
4:55you don’t get that the same jittery
4:57effective coffee you drink a few cups
4:59you just feel much more balanced stained
5:01so my natural curiosity is why why do I
5:05feel better when I drink green teas and
5:07when I drink coffee and Tobin’s of
5:09research met with a few two scientists
5:11on campus at the University of Maryland
5:13and learn about something called
5:16l-theanine it’s an amino acid that’s
5:18naturally found in green tea that
5:20actually helps your body adapt the
5:22absorption of caffeine and others well
5:26this is awesome what if I blend this to
5:28khatma coffee to get the same energy of
5:31coffee and be delicious flavor while
5:34borrowing some of the health benefits of
5:36green tea and that’s what I was doing
5:38every day after class I would start
5:41mixing up a new batch and make myself a
5:44cup of coffee mixed with different
5:47healthy superfoods and teas and one day
5:50it kept my roommates we’re starting to
5:53drink it it grew beyond my Hall people
5:56are trying to like it and I decided to
5:59start selling it and turning us into a
6:02business I learned that it was this way
6:04to really impact a lot of people who
6:07drink coffee you want to make
6:08incremental changes in their health and
6:11their own lifestyle and started take it
6:13to the farmers market and actually the
6:16very first time we ever sampled it on a
6:18mass scale was at a hackathon which is a
6:2136-hour event a lot of universities do
6:24where people stay up all night long
6:26coding making apps websites anything
6:29with technology or something you can
6:30build and I figured Wow I bet you
6:33there’s going to be a lot of people
6:34there drinking coffee so what
6:36great opportunity for Java so I went at
6:39odds on by a hack every Center and
6:41loaded it up with Java them and my
6:43weight and started passing it out just
6:46to see what people thought and I kept
6:47hearing the name we were on the people
6:50that would come back to me they said I
6:51drank four cups of it throughout the
6:53entire event and I did not feel jittery
6:56and I did not crash so that’s an idea of
6:59trash free coffee was born our startup
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7:12who do you use to host this website so
7:14take us to today start this company
7:16called java’s in how did you become this
7:19this caffeine guru how did the whole
7:21idea of Java’s in come about it took
7:24probably hundreds and hundreds of
7:25iterations to get this right because
7:27just steeping tea and coffee isn’t going
7:29to cut it that’s just going to taste bad
7:31so we found started developing these
7:32methods of blending with different food
7:35science professors and hundreds and
7:37hundreds of iterations that we would say
7:38armours market after that to get taste
7:40feedback and feedback and help who else
7:42did you work with or have helped you
7:44take it to the next level yeah we were
7:46really lucky to have access to there’s a
7:49commercial kitchen in the basement of
7:51the Student Union Ritchie Valens called
7:53the Vale and boot co-op it’s a
7:54cooperative that’s all worker owned and
7:57they were generous enough to let us use
7:59duration after they closed so it had all
8:01the right certifications and regulations
8:03that we needed in order to make a food
8:05product and know it and serve it to
8:07people so we was going to go down the
8:09basement but on our funny hats and blood
8:11and beard net and we would start
8:13blending off these different recipes and
8:15we were also a meanwhile we’re in a
8:17program at the university that was a
8:19technology entrepreneurship incubator so
8:22the first two floors of our entire
8:23apartment building they were reserved
8:25people in this program that all wanted
8:27to either start a company or be a part
8:29of startup though this is where we were
8:31able to be around people that are able
8:33to think very critically and get it in
8:35their hands I think is one of the most
8:36important things early on is that
8:38there’s kind of two ways you can get
8:40feedback one of them is kind of like a
8:42gut reaction from who your actual
8:44customers and that’s going to be worth
8:46worth its own weight but another form of
8:49our audience are people who have
8:50experience in what you’re doing and I’ve
8:53seen what will work in what won’t and
8:54can provide more critical feedback and
8:56your higher level concept that we were
8:58able to kind of have access to both
9:00being at a university in being an
9:01entrepreneurship program you had also
9:03met Arianna Huffington do you have the
9:05opportunity of meeting her because
9:07obviously she’s a very successful
9:09entrepreneur no after about two years
9:13running the business we applied to a
9:16competition called the Cupid’s cup
9:18competition is hosted by Kevin my
9:20calendar of Under Armour every year
9:22there is over four in Japan
9:24international and we applied to it and
9:26we made it to the final and this is
9:28where we had a panel of judges Kevin
9:30Plank Arianna Huffington Wes Moore and
9:33Dan Gilbert they were on the panel we
9:35pitched them in front of a live audience
9:36I believe it was livestream by CNBC
9:39nationally this was our largest platform
9:41it ever pitched dominant on and we won
9:44the grand prize of $80,000 and I also
9:47gave us access to the judges Network so
9:49one of the questions that are in a
9:52huffington asked on days when we were
9:53after we did our pitch they had five
9:55minutes for questions her question was
9:56have you thought about sharing this
9:58story on The Huffington Post so that was
10:00her invitation to become a blogger on
10:02the platform and start to share a story
10:04of some of the tips we’ve learned about
10:06caffeine how to use it in a way that’s
10:09healthy how to use it mindfully and then
10:11I’ve been able to charge share some of
10:13this knowledge that I’ve learned and
10:14gained and what it really comes down to
10:16as you have fascinating mind soit is
10:18using caffeine with intention it starts
10:21there when you drink coffee if you go
10:24out you able you’re allowed to get a lot
10:26more value out of it when you use it
10:29with intention burning with when you are
10:30brewing it instead of just making a cup
10:33and chugging it going out the door
10:34almost perfecting it that what is going
10:36to do for you and setting an intention
10:37before you drink it is it can give you a
10:39lot of energy hop is one of the most
10:41energy dense foods on the planet
10:42actually fun fact it’s also form the
10:44main antioxidant sources for most
10:46Americans diet so when I first started
10:49the company I found myself using
10:50caffeine recklessly I would drink four
10:53cups I would use the day up all night
10:54fall all-nighters but using in a way
10:56that fits in as a whole picture and
10:59using it not
11:00as a crush but almost as a rule it
11:02changes the game instead of covering up
11:04with band-aid you slap too much and you
11:06need coffee to get you to the tissue to
11:09your next meeting
11:10it’s instead recognizing that you’re
11:12using it as that bandage and then
11:14recovering and letting your body’s rest
11:16and sweet on the other side of it so
11:17I’ve learned a ton of different tasks
11:20and techniques that you can do with
11:21caffeine I was basically biohacking my
11:23own body walls in college but my
11:25favorite one is simple when you
11:27caffeinate hydrate though what happens
11:29when you drink coffee
11:30it will curb your appetite so it makes
11:32you have less desire and what also to
11:35drink water what happened when you are
11:37dehydrated is your blood becomes thicker
11:40and harder to cut though that uses more
11:42energy and that is one of the one of the
11:45top reasons why you actually get the
11:46coffee crack is because your heart has
11:48to work harder when you aren’t drinking
11:49water or easy rule of thumb is drink one
11:52glass of water for every cup of coffee
11:54during perfect I love it that’s great
11:55let me ask you this a number of
11:57customers that you have and how you’re
11:59actually distributing your coffee
12:01product today you had mentioned that
12:03you’ve got the $80,000 who years hence
12:06but can you talk to us a little bit
12:08about prior to that how you still
12:10thought your customer base and how you
12:12then went from making the product
12:15downstairs in a basement in the college
12:17to getting it actually on the shelves at
12:20various stores and how you kind of did
12:22that over time sure so our first store
12:24was mom’s organic market the local chain
12:27of very high quality organic inable
12:30booze that’s all we carry the shelf
12:32about 20 stores now we got the first
12:33store in College Park which is the city
12:35where the University of Maryland has
12:36been and to get in there as my
12:38co-founder Ryan Jonathan he is our
12:41director of sales I brought him on when
12:43we first started before we made our
12:45first sale he was actually my roommate
12:46and he has a personality that he goes in
12:49the room he’ll come back when he press o
12:51he is the one who has been doing a lot
12:54of our outreach to different retailers
12:55and wholesale cam so I was actually
12:57abroad during the time and this is like
13:00going college wasn’t super committed to
13:02the company but knew that it had
13:03potential and I get a call from Ryan and
13:05say hey we got in our first store but
13:07I’m coming home
13:08so I flew back
13:09and every had it we were a first or next
13:12weekend we were in the store doing a
13:13demo or a product standpoint you set up
13:16a table we brew up the job is done and
13:18we give out little two out samples of it
13:21for people to try and if they like it
13:23they can buy it and how did you how did
13:24you begin to start mass producing it
13:26because how do you take it from the
13:28basement making a small batch so to
13:30speak to giving a small sample to now
13:33you’ve got to obviously stock the
13:35shelves with maybe a much larger
13:37quantity of your product you were able
13:39to do a good amount actually in that
13:41commercial kitchen it started what we
13:43what we were able to do I think was a
13:44few hundred units every night when we
13:46did it that was able to at least apply a
13:48sword or a nurse a sword then my
13:49opportunity that really got to the neck
13:51level was our coffee supplier he
13:53actually volunteered to make it for us
13:57and what happened was I got when we got
13:59our order there’s a Washington Post
14:00article with him in there the owner of
14:03the company and telling his story and I
14:05could really connect with it it’s very
14:06similar to our story how we started in
14:08college so it sends an email on the next
14:10day we’re meeting with EEO is office and
14:12there we are we’re even now have a
14:14organic and kosher and non-gmo all these
14:17certifications but ability where they
14:18are able to make Chavez and for us and
14:21we were able to then focus 100% on the
14:24sales and marketing doesn’t any faster
14:26so that’s how we won’t know about the
14:27manufacturing that’s how you were going
14:29to take it from the tent stores now
14:30those ten stores you got into your first
14:33store let’s let the dive a little bit
14:35deeper and then those next nine stores
14:37they were with nine different individual
14:39stores because you had mentioned that
14:41the one store then grew to twenty in
14:44terms of their own distribution network
14:46so how did you how did you get into
14:48those additional nine and then you know
14:50talk to us a little bit about the cost
14:52versus what you were then selling the
14:54product for earlier on many questions so
14:56what we basically did is hop in our cars
14:59and knocked on the doors of every waste
15:01that we thought that Jonathan could do
15:03well and being went to different natural
15:06organic retailers we had two gift shops
15:08where the coffee shop you were really
15:09open-minded about where Chavez and
15:12cookies sold and initially we thought
15:13that we would sell it in coffee shop we
15:16would give it back to the coffee shops
15:17coffee shop owners and we would a there
15:20you go here’s our product here’s why
15:21it’s good if you like it give us a
15:23call back no pressure we did that for
15:25about 30 stores and got great results
15:27people really liked it but what we found
15:28was that when you’re selling the coffee
15:31shops you’re not just the coffee
15:32supplier you are selling service and
15:35equipment you a lot of times coffee
15:39shops they expect the coffee supplier to
15:42also bring in to lease out the equipment
15:45to them and serve it when it breaks so
15:47here we are still in our dorm room and
15:49we’re not really thinking that we want
15:51to go to business where we needed by
15:53hundreds of thousand dollars of
15:55equipment and run around with the tool
15:57chest in their trunk
15:58servicing equipment we what our goal was
16:01is to distribute this amazing healthy
16:03product that we created to as many
16:05people as possible so that’s the drawing
16:08board we started doing it through the
16:10grocery channel and at the time we were
16:14really just take playing it by ear and
16:17learning as we go we would talk to other
16:20natural food companies to understand how
16:23industry works at the same time we’ve
16:25been moving full speed and not
16:28second-guessing ourselves and it helps
16:31it help sometimes in the herd sometimes
16:32so example would be we got into our
16:35frequent minute on first or it showed up
16:38on the shelf
16:39for $20 for a nine ounce bag and like
16:42why is it 40 dollars yet we did that
16:45right and how the margins works at all
16:48for these stores we thought that they
16:51would just add a few bucks on top and
16:53then it’d be great so what we learned is
16:55that you have a distributor margin you
16:58have the store has her own margin if you
17:01are expanding nationally there’s likely
17:02to be a broker involved they have their
17:04margins and we learned that starts
17:09compounding on itself and we had a
17:11restructure the package changed the size
17:13we came back with new pricing and we
17:17were lucky to be able to do that when
17:18we’re only in a few local stores
17:20I was abolishing you what yes so so for
17:24your standard bag at that time when you
17:26were getting it into the first let’s say
17:28ten stores
17:29what was it costing you and what were
17:32you selling it directly to the store at
17:35at that time is the cost of different
17:37now it was about eight dollars for a bag
17:40and right how much how much in dollars
17:43at how much eight dollars for a bag okay
17:47and it would sell to these stores we
17:50initially sold it for $12 we thought
17:53that that margin remember we talked to
17:55is what you need to operate a business
17:56and then it showed up in a cell-free for
17:58me really oh well that’s not gonna work
18:01and we had it cost you how much would it
18:03cost you though to me it was $8 to make
18:05I got you okay yeah yeah and what we
18:09decided to do and this is a model that I
18:13think were it was some definitely a lot
18:16of risk but it definitely paid off what
18:19we did was we hold off the spreadsheet
18:21and called up all of our suppliers and
18:23said hey when we order this much how
18:26much can you sell it to us for so he
18:28goes on a model that we knew how much of
18:30a cost is to make one unit one hundred
18:31year thousands ten thousand units
18:33100,000 even up to a million and we are
18:36going to work out this pricing so even
18:39though it costs $8 at the time we were
18:43able to sell it knowing at that price
18:47knowing that at a certain scale which he
18:50kicked the price for we can have a
18:51margin and we were able to do that
18:53within a year or two so that model
18:56really works
18:57it’s risky upfront but if you believe in
18:59the product then it can really make it
19:01work mm-hmm so today what what are your
19:05revenue numbers and how many stores are
19:07you in and what kind of units are you
19:08selling yes sir we sell in a few hundred
19:12stores we’re in stores like Whole Foods
19:14in the mid-atlantic region Wegmans up
19:17and down the East Coast and a lot of
19:19national retailers spread across the
19:22country we also do a good amount of
19:24business online through our website and
19:28also through Amazon and Amazon is one of
19:31the channels that’s actually doing
19:33extremely well right now we found that
19:35it’s a amazing way to get the product
19:38out to people when they don’t have
19:40access to it in their grocery store or
19:43anywhere else they shop we’ve been able
19:46to create these paid ads keyword can
19:49pains wherever you can highlight
19:50different features of the product and it
19:54is able to introduce it to people if
19:57someone’s looking for low acid coffee
19:59then we can when they take that into
20:02others we can become the first results
20:03is what we found actually one of our
20:05biggest challenges with the brands is
20:09communicating to someone why they’d want
20:11to buy it if we have so many benefits
20:15because of the ingredients you put into
20:17it and it’s almost you have a list of
20:20all these amazing benefits you get from
20:23drinking it but what does someone care
20:25about and Amazon has really actually
20:27allowed us to test those things with
20:29different keywords the vapor able to
20:31attend low acid we’ve been able to test
20:33no jitters crash free organic is that
20:37what people care about direct trader
20:39when I go down when I go to Amazon and
20:40I’m looking for coffee and I would
20:43gather that it’s a it can be a very
20:46crowded market how do how do you then
20:49use those techniques to sort of
20:53basically rank higher so that people can
20:56find yours for example over I don’t know
21:00anybody else’s mmm-hmm there’s a lot of
21:04methods for Amazon and the most
21:06important is actually reviews so
21:09someone’s just searching for the product
21:11amazon’s algorithms are set that reviews
21:14will get your product the highest or who
21:16appear the highest rank has the most
21:17reviews that that’s going to get you
21:19higher in addition to the actual amount
21:22that you settle but on top of that you
21:25also are able to pretty detailed ad
21:27platform that you can go in and when
21:29someone you can pick any keyword if
21:31someone searches Eric Goldman then I
21:34think it’s Ava’s and that show up or
21:35someone searches Starbucks coffee then a
21:38job isn’t that can show up as number one
21:40and you just did for it and what you can
21:41do is look at your analytics on the
21:43backend and look at all your ads and see
21:46what the cost for every sale is and it’s
21:50the cost for every sale is lower than
21:52what your profit is then you scale that
21:56ad and use those keywords and start
21:58testing more in that direction so
22:00obviously that’s one of your
22:02five ways that people are obviously
22:04coming to you and your product what are
22:06the other four major ways right now that
22:09people are obviously finding out about
22:10you and basically coming to your product
22:13and your service yes so recently we
22:16started looking at who is buying
22:18Jonathan and why did buy it not allowed
22:20to figure out which channels are going
22:22to perform the best so what we did is
22:23develop a new version of Java said where
22:26we put it into a host able teabag we
22:30developed a patent-pending material for
22:32this that actually allows people to brew
22:34Java them in four minutes and it creates
22:37a French press quality brew and it’s
22:39fully compostable so when we didn’t know
22:41where do I so Mitchell wants to go out
22:45into the market and get this product and
22:47I’m really interested I might not have
22:49know how to use a French press and so
22:52I’m able to sort of go and get this this
22:53product I don’t want to make it like I
22:55have to get a PhD in coffee and tea so
22:58where can I actually go to basically get
23:01this and get high quality tea and or
23:03coffee and bring this basically into my
23:06home easiest place to find it is on
23:08Amazon and it’s either Amazon or our
23:10website we have retailers around the
23:12country but not every region is covered
23:14by what we have been doing recently is
23:16going to a lot of offices though so if
23:18someone wanted to have Java Zen
23:20available in there often we have been
23:22serving the Java in the dáil Bowl or we
23:25have a break room program and what we
23:27found is that a lot of coffee is drink
23:29in offices just like ours drinking
23:30coffee in college it’s almost the same
23:32thing you’re working a lot of hours but
23:34you know you need an international
23:35machine to actually make the coffee and
23:38or tea you don’t actually with our new
23:41product that we developed it is now you
23:44have two versions one you need a machine
23:46for a standard machine but the new
23:49version that we call Brubeck all you
23:51need is hot water it’s in a fully
23:54composable tea bag that we designed for
23:56coffee and Java Zen and you put it in a
24:00cup of hot water you let it steep and
24:02you drink it and you feel amazing that’s
24:05all that’s required and that new version
24:07are you using that same distributor that
24:09you used when you first started way back
24:12when or have you continued to you know
24:15as you continue to sell more units and
24:17add more different types of solutions
24:20products and services to to your entree
24:23of you know products you’ve had to sort
24:28of change people that are helping you
24:30manufacture this yeah what we what
24:34happened was we got our first large
24:36order where was several talents and we
24:40were at our manufacturer our tournament
24:42manufactures time and he needed six
24:46weeks to make it which is understandable
24:49for what they were doing for us but we
24:51had a 40 we kind of agreed with the
24:53store bare selling it – and what’s that
24:57caused us to do Brian and I we’re
25:00sitting outside in the car after that
25:01meeting and like we have no ways to
25:04deliver the Sun time let’s open up our
25:07cell phones and start calling
25:08manufacturers and in the state of
25:11Maryland so we sat there and we called
25:13up a bunch of places that has the
25:16equipment that we need and even if they
25:18advertise themselves as a co-packer or
25:20not we just do that the product they
25:23made we could make our jobs then on the
25:25same equipment and we were lucky to have
25:29one of them call us back the next day
25:30and he had actually told us that he was
25:34actually a customer of ours
25:35he bought Java Zen at Mom’s organic
25:37market our first store and he would be
25:41an honor for him to make it for us so we
25:43were able to scale up to what we make it
25:46on now is a blender that can do over
25:49seven pounds at a time in four minutes
25:51so that’s uh we are really lucky to be
25:53able to just find someone they knew us
25:55had the connection and they can happen
25:57so the fact that you’re in 200 stores
25:59you’re obviously on Amazon how many
26:02units would you say that you’re selling
26:05for example in 2016 how many units how
26:07many units for example this year are you
26:10slated to sell and what type of gross
26:13revenue are we talking about we can’t
26:15share specific gravity figures because
26:17of some agreements that we have but
26:19we’re shipping out thousands of unit
26:21every single month and
26:23growing over 20 percent every single
26:24month as well are you are you able to
26:26give us ranges for example or are you
26:28okay with that whatever you’re
26:29comfortable in doing just just to kind
26:31of give us an idea in terms of you know
26:33when you started where you’re at now and
26:36sort of where do you go from here which
26:38is really my next question gerrae so
26:40when we first started the company walls
26:42in college we sold about $12,000 in that
26:46first year mainly for the farmers
26:47markets in those early stores and then
26:49the second year we grew about 750
26:53percent and we matched up same growth
26:55last year so I guess you do the math you
26:58work backwards yeah and how many how
27:00many years have you now been selling the
27:02product it’s been four years three and a
27:04half years actually right now does
27:06Amazon also host your website in terms
27:09of the traffic our website are is hosted
27:12on Shopify and we found that ideas very
27:14versatile platform where we’re able to
27:16have lots of easy plug-ins and
27:18constantly be testing and changing or
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27:49book reviews and recommendation what
27:51book could you recommend to the audience
27:53one not only business books but
27:54inspirational books for our startups and
27:57to get ideas mission in a bottle my
27:58staff Goldman to honor honesty that
28:00walks you grew many many many of the
28:03challenges that you’re going to say
28:04pardoning a food or beverage company and
28:07it doesn’t in a fun way it’s almost a
28:09comic book style where it really gets
28:11you to connect emotionally with what’s
28:12going on show note are going to be back
28:14at Mitchell chadroy calm slash show 0
28:17for 9 also you know we’re really
28:19resourceful here we like not only free
28:22resources and great stories like you
28:24have but you’re obviously an
28:25entrepreneur that obviously has been
28:27extremely resourceful so with that in
28:30mind it’s all about productivity and
28:32really good apps so can you recommend
28:35and recommend something to the
28:36audience sure I have been running around
28:39with a lot of different ways to manage
28:40my day to date hat and different system
28:43organizing what I have to do and what
28:45I’d like to though it’s not an app but
28:47it’s pretty easy system of organizing
28:49what your daily to do which is going to
28:52look like and it starts with having what
28:54is your most important task of the day
28:56you pick one thing that’s the one thing
28:58that you are going to be happy if that
28:59is all you complete it and then it goes
29:01into three to five of your secondary
29:03tasks that you need to do and those are
29:05things that would make you only make the
29:08day better but you’re not a lot of start
29:10on them though you do the most important
29:11after the day and then below that
29:12additionals has another level of your
29:14watch 2006 is a secondary pass so I seem
29:16actually send over a temp with you you
29:18add to show notes for people to use I
29:20found that a lot of times as a CEO of
29:22the company there’s so many things I can
29:24be doing I should be doing I want to do
29:26a lot of times I would be very
29:28productive throughout today but at the
29:29end of the day I wouldn’t feel like
29:31build and feel like I did what I needed
29:33to do is starting the day or even the
29:36night for picking what will make you
29:38fulfilled and setting that intention
29:39before you heart today you can then go
29:41before you’re about to wind down for bed
29:43look at it and feel accomplished and
29:45proud that you did what you said you
29:46would do I’ll wrap up round
29:48Mitchell Chad row comm / photo for all
29:51your graphic design so how could people
29:54stay in contact with our the best way is
29:56to find me on LinkedIn and the also I am
30:00easy to read my email Eric at drinks
30:03Townsend calm you can send an email
30:05through the website and they’ll go
30:07straight to me I see every email that
30:08comes in and I’d love to hear from
30:10anyone who wants to know more about jobs
30:12then know more about my story wanna chat
30:14love chatting just here to message
30:16through the website or weeks in and well
30:18that the kind of check three main
30:20takeaways that you can leave our
30:22audience main takeaway first takeaway is
30:24get started when you have an idea get
30:27out of your head and into the market
30:29start asking questions are selling your
30:31product because if you can’t sell your
30:33product then nothing’s going to happen a
30:35lot of times what I found even with
30:37myself when I was working on other
30:38business ideas I would spend time
30:40planning them out on a spreadsheet and
30:42or whatever you have it I never actually
30:45just go to who my customer OD is a but
30:48that’s one of the biggest things that’s
30:50really helped us in our journey and ii
30:52would say this yeah number two is that
30:55make sure that you understand why you
30:58are doing what you’re doing
31:00starting a business is by no means an
31:02easy task it is straining emotionally
31:06physically spiritually and there’s been
31:09a moment where you’re I found myself
31:11musically waking up and having to take
31:14care of virtues that come up whether
31:16it’s manufacturing or anything and it
31:18becomes a lot easier when I can look at
31:20myself today I know why I’m doing this
31:22and I’m doing it to make people’s lives
31:24healthier and to me that’s inspiring and
31:26you give me energy whenever I need it
31:28and three health matters how often is
31:30take care of your health because that’s
31:32all you have and it can make you more
31:34productive if you take an hour to go to
31:36the gym it will buy you two hours of
31:38productivity so taking care of your
31:39health is the name of the game just want
31:41to thank you so very much
31:42and we’re really looking forward to
31:44continuing to keep in contact and
31:46finding out what the next step is here
31:48with the company and with you thank you
31:49so much for having me you take care that
31:51I’ll be talking to you real soon be good
31:53bye bye in closing let me have for my
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33:00until next time

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