Entrepreneurial Success Stories

Alex 'Pete' Hart

Payment Systems Leader.
Chairman, Verifone Systems.
Former President & CEO, MasterCard International.

Stephen Warley

LIfestyle Guru
Life Skills that Matter

Mike W Chan

Startup Podcast Host
Go and Grow Podcast

Susan Matthews

Lifestyle Guru
QVC Host, Writer, Real Estate Agent

Brett King

Fin Tech King

Harvey MacKay

Career Expert.
New York Times Best Seller and Envelope Manufacturer.

Bonnie Harvey & Michael Houlihan

Entrepreneurial spouses.
Barefoot Wine sold to EJ Gallo Winery

Marcus Aurelius

Roman Emperor.
Stoic Philosopher Author Meditations

Bonnie Harvey & Michael Houlihan

Entrepreneurial spouses.
Barefoot Wine sold to EJ Gallo Winery

Scott Pecoriello

Young Serial Entrepreneur.
Founder and CEO at Flock LLC and WeatherOptics LLC

Mike Templeman

Digital Content Marketing Strategist.
Founder Foxtail Marketing Agency.

Damian Salas

Entrepreneurship Dean.
Assistant Dean, Drexel University,  Close School

Chris Lin

Product Designer
Flip Wallet, Founder

Jay Mootz

Law Dean Business Leader
McGeorge School of Law
University of the Pacific

Bruno Virlet

Technology Software Application Entrepreneur.
Genius Scan, Sign & Fax, Founder

Michael Giangiordano II

Digital Real Estate Expert
RentalRater Founder & CEO

Matthew Sobel

Young Nonprofit Leaders
Lazarus Rising, Co-Founder

Matthew Rojas

Young Nonprofit Leaders
Lazarus Rising, Co-Founder

Tiffany Canjura

Young Nonprofit Leader
President, Association Latino Professionals of America

Jeremiah De Leon

Technology Software Application Entrepreneur.
CEO, Co-Founder Align App.

Zephan Moses Blaxberg

Motivational Speaker.
Year of Purpose, Founder & Host

David Zamarin

Young Serial Entrepreneur.
Founder & CEO Detrapal, Lick Your Sole.

John Richards

Entrepreneur, educator, advisor, investor.
Startup Ignition

Joshua Davidson

Web App Developer
Founder Chop Dawg

Guy Kawasaki

Chief Evangelist, Canva.
Graphic Design, Photo Editor Software Competitor


Augmented and Virtual Reality Technology Online Shopping.
Startup Student Entrepreneur's.

Jeff Nowack

Content Marketer .
Founder Boost Linguistics

Steve Bazemore LinkedIn Post Personal Story

Steve Bazemore

Steve Bazemore podcast-post-January 11, 2017
9 Podcasts for a better you in 2017

I have a confession to make.  I am hooked on Podcasts.  I constantly search out content to motivate and inspire me to push even further in my own life and career, try new things and broaden my perspective on the world.  Podcasts have proven to be a perfect fit.  During your commute, cutting the lawn or doing things around the house, a Podcast in your ear can transform these mundane chores into opportunities to build a better you.  Here are the 9 Podcasts that have been most useful to me in the past year. []

The ListenUp Show with Mitchell Chadrow

Perhaps I am biased being that I am a previous guest but I love that many of his guests are earlier on in their entrepreneurial journeys which is something I can relate to.  The narrative isn’t all “hustle, hustle, hustle” rather there’s a great balance between achieving success in your work life as well as your family life.

Check out some of these podcasts and let me know what you think and better yet, let the hosts know too.

Happy Wednesday!

Steve Bazemore

Career Advice, Personal Development, Coaching, legacy planning, habits .

Steve Bazemore post-November 30, 2016
The Power of Sharing Your Story

Mitchell Chadrow, host of the #ListenUP podcast, reached out to me a little while back asking if I would be interested in being on his show. At first, the imposter syndrome kicked in, “I’m just a side hustle coach, why would he want to have me on.” “Who’s going to want to hear an hour of me talking.” Realizing that this confrontation was taking place in my brain, I took a dose of my own medicine, jumped in and said yes. I am glad I did. When I have a coaching conversation or am talking advice with anyone, I don’t typically spend a lot of time talking about my own personal story.


I should probably have already known that this is a mistake to keep quiet and not share. After all, we’ve learned since we were all kids that sharing is a good thing.

Your story is what connects you to other people

I shied away from telling my story because I figured, everyone has a story, what makes mine so special? Actually, I realized that is just exactly the point! I have a story, you have a story and if we share that with one another, we will find connections that bond us together more tightly than perhaps we could’ve before.

Those connections create a foundation for building healthy, deep relationships long into the future.

We are in different chapters of our stories

Maybe someone will hear my interview with Mitchell that is earlier on in their journey, facing some of the same challenges I have faced. While that part of our stories may be similar, I hope hearing mine helps them read ahead a little and know that if they just persevere, chose what they want next and begin working towards it, they can build a better version of themselves. I look to others further along than me on the journey and take comfort that if I just keep pushing, maintain the right intentions, it is all possible.

Sharing is serving

By just talking through my story, highlighting those nuggets of connection and the challenges and triumphs of my path, I am actually being of service to those who are listening. So simple. So critical to building the legacy I want.

While this isn’t an advertisement to go out and listen to the interview, I hope you do. You can find my interview with Mitchell in iTunes and I hope you find it useful and get out there and tell your story.
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